Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog (2008)

Rating: 4!

D of the month belongs to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!

The stars of this one are Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillion. It came out a while ago but if you still haven't seen it, watch it. Its Legen- wait for it!

So a little background on this movie first to explain how awesome it is. During the Writers Guild of America strike in 07-08, the creators of the movie had wanted to create something small and inexpensive that could work around all the red tape from the strike. Joss Whedon (director of Dr. Horrible and the upcoming Avengers movie) personally funded the movie and, along with his two brothers and sister-in-law, wrote a script. The movie's three acts were first released on its site through Hulu and instantly became a hit.

So the premise is a movie that is shown partly through the webcam of Dr. Horrible (he has a Ph. D in horribleness) and the rest through regular filming. It follows Dr. Horrible's desire to become part of the Evil League of Evil while attempting to defeat his hero nemesis, Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion) who is a less than competent person. Meanwhile, Billy (Dr. Horrible's alter ego) attempts to talk to his crush, Penny (Felicia Day).

The music in the movie is amazing. It gives so much to the movie. The emotion filled in each of the characters propels the story perfectly. There isn't a single song that is pointless. Nothing just is just used because the movie is a musical. Each song fits the style of each actor and they hold nothing back.

Neil Patrick Harris continues to be one of my most favorite actors. He is the character. I understand the goal of acting is to be the character, but he manages to be very much Harris while at the same time existing as each character that he plays. You recognize him as Neil but you don't get distracted by his other roles. Sure Barney Stinson is a huge character of his but he still manages to separate them. To give a comparison, Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing actor (another of my favorites) but his roles have so many similarities and Leo himself has the same style frequently. Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion give an amazing amount of talent to the rest of the main cast.

The movie is a little unique plot wise as the main character is the villain. His nice attitude and hatred of taking life make him a lovable character as he just wants to upset the status-quo and not want to hurt anyone. Things get thrown off even more when the hero, Captain Hammer, is a complete idiot.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is amazing in every aspect. The cast and crew filmed the movie without being paid beforehand (and were not fully done so for another 4 months), the plot is very unique, and the music is perfect. The soundtrack is more than worth it.

Dr. Horrible proves that a movie does not need flashy effects, giant budgets, or even a theatrical release. All you need is a devoted cast and crew and a movie will come together just Dary!

Coming up next is The Expendables!

This one is on youtube for anyone without Netflix:

Act 1, Part 1:

Act 1, Part 2:

Act 2, Part 1:

Act 2, Part 2:

Act 3, Part 1:

Act 3, Part 2:

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