Monday, April 30, 2012

The Peacemaker (1997)

Rating: 1!

For the last actual day of April comes the P movie. The Peacemaker stars George Clooney and Nicole Kidman. This is also the first film released by DreamWorks.

So this one surprised me a little. While I love these two actors, I wasn't expecting very much and I got a nice movie out of it. The idea behind this one is that a nuclear bomb is detonated in Russia and Clooney and Kidman, a soldier and a nuclear expert, help to recover other bombs that were stolen. To give you a better idea of this one, it is like a James Bond movie without Bond. The plot is very in-depth but reveals the key points to it slowly throughout the movie so it isn't just a hunt to stop people. My favorite thing about it is that it just keeps going. It has that multiple endings feel that works great.

The Peacemaker doesn't have anything to figure out by way of a thriller so it is just a nice action movie to sit back and watch. Another good comparison to this would be The Hunt for the Red October. Russians and all.

There isn't much to the characters in this one. Clooney has a reflection moment and Kidman has a crisis of morals for a few seconds but beyond that there really isn't anything important. Most of the character development exists in the villain and that is in the last twenty minutes or so.

I would definitely check this movie out if you are a fan of either character or just want a movie that you can get absorbed into easily.

Tomorrow is the Vampire-Horror flick, Queen of the Damned.

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