Sunday, April 1, 2012

Source Code (2011)

File:Source Code Poster.jpg

Rating: 4!

After a year to the day of its release, I finally got to see Source Code and I couldn't find a single thing wrong with this movie. That may just be the
sci-fi/thriller in me but in all honesty, this movie was great.

The plot is centered around a United States soldier who wakes up as a teacher on a Chicago commuter train and he is tasked to discover the identity of the person who planted a bomb. I won't give any more than this considering that it is a thriller and the way the plot is delivered is excellent. It is evenly paced; the viewer doesn't find out too much at once nor is it revealed so slowly that interest is lost.

I don't seem to have too much to say about the movie other than the acting is good. Jake Gyllenhaal gives a great performance as Colter Stevens, a soldier that finds out that millions of lives are in his hands while attempting to cope with what is personally happening to him.

The biggest focus of this movie is the plot. It does well as a starter or reference for science fiction conversations and theories while being a casual watch. There is action enough for those interested but the mystery that the movie was advertising was more than enough to keep me glued to the screen. I think I might have looked away twice and only to comment about it.

Anyone who likes science fiction that raises questions (such as Back to the Future) and a well timed thriller plot (much like The Lincoln Lawyer) will enjoy this movie thoroughly.


  1. Decide to start at the bottom of this list, so here we go. My name is James Tate. I love a good movie and have seen the trailer on this one. Hope to catch it soon. My book, BLOOD BIAS is a murder mystery, so any good suspense plot entices me. Thanks for the review. Tate's Other Side

    1. I hope you do see it. It has some awesome ideas. I love murder mysteries and I would love to check yours out. It sounds really intriguing. Thanks for the read and for the book!