Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Isshukan Friends.

Similar: Kimi ni Tokode
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Rating: 2!

Isshukan Friends. stars Hase Yuuki and his attempts to become and stay friends with Fujimiya Kaori, a girl whose memories of her friends resets every Monday.

The story is really lighthearted and fluffy but because of Fujimiya's nature, the character's psychological limits are strained. Hase's tendency to be possessive doesn't help things either; his goal is to help Fujimiya make friends in spite of her difficulty but he becomes overly frustrated when her attention gets shifted away from her. He's a little difficult to sympathize with but that makes him a better character for it.

It is very slice of life but begins to pick up once you start finding out the reasons behind Fujimiya's condition.

The main group has a good dynamic.

Fujimiya (bottom left) has a bright personality that is dampened severely due to her condition, Hase (top right) always means well even if he gets too caught up in himself, Saki (bottom right) has almost no sense of memory naturally but is still a good friend, and Shougo (top left) is the embodiment of apathy. The last two also have a good subplot going.


Isshukan Friends. has the comedy and a nice pace that lets me look forward to it every week.


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