Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Movie Marathons

I've pretty much run out of movies that I have seen recently. I prefer to do a review within a week after seeing a movie and if I don't I end up having a skimpy review like the Lorax one I just had. So I am going to start doing sporadic movie marathons where I'll do consecutive movie reviews from a series while I set up reviews further in advance. I will also work on setting up an actual schedule so there is a better forecast than just next week's.

That means that the next eight Mondays are going to be Harry Potter! Not much help if you've already seen them, I know, but between moving, job hunting, a complete lack of a bank account, and just getting accustomed to summer near campus I haven't had much time for new movies. I can also only watch what is on netflix mostly.

So I'll set up a schedule of reviews for all three categories within the week and anime and manga will run as per usual.

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