Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Expendables (2010)

Nine armed men dressed in black standing shoulder to shoulder, Sylvester Stallone front and center.

Rating: 1!

So there was a great deal of hype involved with this movie as it is comprised of every major action film actor in the last forever. And my reaction Not a bad eh. There really isn't a good eh though.

The story is centered on a group of mercenaries, The Expendables, who are hired to kill a rouge CIA operative and a military leader that has taken control of an island. While the group consists of the majority of the cast, the two characters focused on most is Barney Ross and Lee Christmas (Stallone and Statham) and their interaction throughout the plot.

I will say that I enjoyed the movie. I did. Especially Hale Caesar's (Terry Crews) gun that blew people in half. So that gives you the types of things I like. The acting was pretty good. The cameos were nice. It was weird to see Statham without being behind the wheel but I did like his character.

My biggest problem was the plot. For the actors and hype involved, it was a horribly bland, generic plot that I've seen tons of times. There are a lot of movies that have a lot of similar plots but I feel that they could have tried a little bit more. A sequel is coming out in August and I am excited to see that one, too. That one is supposed to be focused on revenge which I think concentrates the plot and actually focuses on the characters and not just some vague mission. The villains for The Expendables 2 are Jean-Claude Van Damme and Scott Adkins which thoroughly excites me. I highly enjoyed Assassination Games which these two starred in (this movie was the A lettered movie for the April challenge so check it out!).

I do recommend to see this movie even though it had a lower rating. The actors are fun and if you love violence you'll find some here but not too much to make it disgusting. Overall, I liked The Expendables but I am looking forward to the sequel even more.

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