Saturday, April 7, 2012

Marble Hornets (2009) - Special Web Series Review

Rating: 2.5!

(Ongoing Web Series)

A special review of the of the day is Marble Hornets, a web series on youtube that my brother showed me. And it is very compelling.

This is some scary awesome stuff. If you enjoy Paranormal Activity, this is for you.

Marble Hornets is filmed completely from handheld cameras. Jay receives a bunch of tapes from his friend's Alex's student film Marble Hornets. For some reason Alex wanted to burn all of his tapes and work from the film. Jay didn't want them to be lost so he took them. Alex then moves away and is not heard from again. Jay quickly discovers that something was following Alex and his cast during filming and sets out to discover what it is.

The 'something' that is following them is a supernatural entity called Slenderman (pictured above) and is shrouded in mystery. Slenderman is an actual supernatural occurrence outside of the film but Marble Hornets takes a fictional approach to it.

So this web series is scary. And not terrifying scary but the type of scary where I can tell when I feel that I'm about to have a heart attack from the suspense. It is a big jump scare series, much like Paranormal Activity. I will warn you that it is quite slow moving at times but picks up some serious speed at others. Since it's filmed from handhelds, things get quite shaky at times, especially when they are running. The acting feels a bit shaky at times but it's easily overlooked.

If you want a good scare and are actually interested in a pretty good and thought out plot, this one is for you. It is still going and is up to Entry #54. It'll take quite a while to get through it but it is very easy to get sucked into it. The episodes are on youtube and I feel as if the pace gets disrupted because you have to keep switching videos but the first two seasons are on sale at the Marble Hornets' website. They are $12 a piece and I know that I'd like to get them soon.

Here is the link for the first entry of the series:

For some reason the playlist is in backwards order so pay attention to that.

I greatly suggest seeing this if you don't mind not being able to sleep at night but also if you like being very curious and jumpy at the same time. Marble Hornets is very worth a look into and I wish that it had a chance to be little bit more known.


  1. I'm a huge fan of the Marble Hornets series. Their work feeds the Slenderman creepypasta which then feeds back into their content. Great stuff.

    1. I'm happy that someone else knows it! I've just gotten into it myself but I don't know anyone else that knows it. It really is an amazing series.