Thursday, April 26, 2012

Office Space (1999)

Rating: 0!

I think that after hearing about this movie for the past 13 years, it got old. And watching it finally for the first time didn't fix it.

Office Space stars Ron LivingstonJennifer AnistonGary ColeDavid HermanAjay NaiduDiedrich Bader, and Stephen Root. A bunch of software engineers are fed up with they way they are treated at work and get back at their company.

I went into this one fully expecting to love it. And I tried to for the whole movie. It just didn't work. Maybe it's because I've never been a software engineer or that i haven't held a white collar job, but I couldn't relate (even though my job does drive me crazy) and half the time it felt like the characters were just there. I got some humor and Milton was probably my favorite but the rest of the cast really didn't do it for me. Livingston was somewhat funny with his hypnosis, making him my second favorite character. Aniston wasn't in it enough to really care about her character. It just felt like a cameo even though it was in the 90s when she was in the middle of still being huge. Everyone else just kind of felt like they were just there. They just kind of showed up to read some lines.

I did enjoy the copy machine death but the amount of parodies also killed that for me. I just think that I was over a decade too late to see it and the amount of hype that I've heard in that amount of time was just more than the movie could deliver. I was a fan of the ending though.

The Peacemaker staring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman is coming next!


  1. I've never seen that movie. Thanks for sharing the review.

  2. LOVE this movie! Unfortunately, hype can kill the mood/effect of a movie. I know how you feel.

    New follower here. I’m enjoying reading my fellow “A to Z”ers. I look forward to visiting again.


    1. Thank you for visiting! And, it was still a pretty good movie. I did enjoy Milton a lot. But yeah, I had the same feel for Avatar. Took me about a year and a half to see that one.