Friday, May 25, 2012

Back on track and New Blog!

Okay. I'm back. Getting used to being home for the summer has been more hectic than I thought so I apologize for the absence. And yes this is the same movie review blog UltraLazyReviews. I decided that I wanted a different look for this blog. If you like it or don't like it let me know. I wanna make it as appealing and functional as possible so don't be afraid to tell me that this looks like crap. But hopefully it doesn't.

For this blog, I'm thinking about finishing out the old April lineup and then having some sort of system worked out where I do 4 movies a month. I don't know if I can do the April lineup more than weekly but I'll try. I'm thinking for after to do a G-rated movie the first week of the month, followed by PG, PG-13, and R for the rest of the month weekly. Does that sound good? And the reviews would more than likely be on Saturday after a Friday night watch. Also, anything with books I'm going to get rid of and keep this a movie review blog. I might open up a book review one eventually. I do want to keep up with this blog because it is fun :)

In addition to this, I am starting up another blog that will become my almost daily blog. It is called Fictional Possibilities and can be found here. The goal of that blog is to break down the mechanics behind fictional movies such as time travel, different states of mind like in Inception, and so on to help anyone that may not understand it or just wants to have discussions based off of it. I hope some people here may like it and if you don't then oh well. But along with that stuff, the other blog is to help get me out there as an author so I'll be posting stuff about my Works in Progress along with a Blog Hop that my girlfriend, Katie, is hosting. If you want to check that out it is called The Fiction Diaries. She also does book reviews of Indie authors that have some pretty cool things. So if you like books as well, there's a good place.

So, I am alive and well-ish. And I will be starting back up come the beginning of June. Hope to see everyone back here and hopefully over at Fictional Possibilities :):)

Oh and I also failed at the Avengers Week thing. I'll get around to the rest of the Avengers movies that I didn't review but I will do The Avengers as the next review I put up. It was amazing and for a preview I'm giving it an 11 out of 10 stars.

I'm pretty tired now so I'll be getting to sleep so have a good night everyone.


  1. Yeah, good idea to review movies in their rated categories. Having said that, you might find yourself watching a lot of kid flicks.

    I'll jump over to your daily blog and add that as well.

    1. Yeah. I just want to make sure that its diverse enough. I don't mind kid flicks as much mostly because I love cartoons still.

      And I saw that, thanks!