Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chronicle (2012)

Rating: 3!

Chronicle is a movie that really came out of nowhere for me. I really wanted to see it in theaters and I'm really sad that I didn't. This one was wicked good and it stars Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, and Alex Russell.

Chronicle features a story about a teenager named Andrew Detmer who is pretty much the king of introverts. Mix that with a dying mom, an abusive father, and a typical school that is fully of bullies and you have the main character. He tries his best at staying out of the crowd until his cousin and the soon-to-be class president get Andrew to come into a cave that they found. As the trailers showed, the three get telekinesis from what they find and begin to mess around with it. That is, until Andrew is pretty much driven off the deep end.

This movie has all of the main things that we love to hate. Bullies, obnoxious preppy girls, typical clicky high school, and a bad home life. Personally, I always feel like if i got powers like Andrew gets, I'd use them for good. But you find yourself rooting for him. To get back at all of those that wrong or have wronged him.

What blows my mind about this movie was the way it was filmed. I honestly would've guessed that it was a J.J. Abrams movie but it didn't have all of the reflected light everywhere (which is still awesome). It's all done from found footage but the way Josh Trank (director) does it is just impressive.

As usual, this is another movie where I didn't find too many faults. The acting was great and I loved the story line. It didn't leave me reeling like Prometheus did (I'll do a review soon) but overall it was awesome. I just hope that if they do a sequel like they are saying they will, they won't screw it up because Chronicle is a movie you gotta see if you love the unconventional types.

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