Saturday, June 16, 2012

Two Things :)

Thing #1) I'm really bad at this whole follow a schedule/to do list that I have over there on the right --> sooo that'll be my "When I get there" list of movies that I plan to eventually watch. In the mean time, I'll keep updating any new movie that I see. I'm trying to stretch to indie films so if you have any recommendations please please please tell me. I'd love to watch them :)

Thing #2) My other blog is more extensive than I thought. It'll take a little more time for me get that together (which makes me a sad panda) so I'm going to bring my blog hop over to this one! Yay! (I think) If I haven't said it yet, I am looking to become an author, blah blah blah, so I'll post the Blog Hop Q and A from my girl's blog, The Fiction Diaries, on here every Saturday. If you care, then please visit :) If not, then meh. Can't force you.

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