Sunday, June 3, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Rating: 3!

Surprise review! My girl and I saw Snow White & the Huntsman the other night and it wasn't bad. This one stars Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron.

I would have to say that I found this one somewhat appealing. The premise is much darker than Disney's version (very obviously) and slightly closer to Grimm's original telling. This one takes a lot of time to set up plot but in a nutshell: New Queen for the King = Bad News. Snow White (Stewart) is kept prisoner while the land turns rotten due to the Queen (Theron) does her evil thing like in all of the stories. The interesting thing about this one is that it explores the land in this world more thoroughly, with places like the Dark Forest and the land with the Faeries.

The acting was fairly decent but nothing to shout out to except for Theron. She did a wonderful job as the Queen Ravenna. She had the hardest part with some scenes but mostly due to the fact that she had the "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" line to deal with, which by the way the Mirror is completely awesome. Probly my favorite part. Stewart was pretty good. I haven't really seen Twilight so I don't have anything else to go off of (which is how it really should be done) but I found her a perfect match for Snow. She did smile which is apparently a new thing. Hemsworth was badass like usual so he was good there.

My favorite part about this rendition is the psychological aspect of it all. It was to the extent that it felt like a Tim Burton movie but it was quite enjoyable. Beware there are snakes for those of you that don't appreciate them very well. My girlfriend almost broke my arm..

This won't be one of my favorite movies and I honestly doubt that I'll ever watch it again but it was definitely worth the money. So see it if you'd like and if not then oh well. I won't try to persuade you. It isn't a waste of time but only if you had the feel to want to watch it.

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  1. Your girlfriend has a name :P
    And pshh that was nothing compared to my reaction to Nagini appearing out of no-where in Godrics Hollow in Harry Potter 7.1 You're lucky you missed that one lol.