Saturday, June 22, 2013

Man of Steel (2013)

Similar: The Dark Knight

Rating: 5!

Some are saying that it was bad and some good but hey that's pretty much every movie. You can't take anything seriously since half the time people that review movies seem to hate movies all together.

I love Superman. Adore, idolize, you name it. He is the good in all of us, especially when we don't want to be. I aspire to be more like him in the ideal that if everyone was the absolute best that they could be, this would would actually be a wonderful place.

I get so sad when people talk about Superman being "cheesy" or "too strong" or anything else that takes away from what he stands for. Man of Steel finally portrays a calmer Superman. Not the kind of Superman that will save kittens from a tree (although that's still pretty nice since he doesn't need a ladder). In a theatrical movie, he is finally the Superman that would do absolutely anything to protect humans. Not individual humans but all of us. The writing was superb, the cinematography made me grin, and the cgi was beautiful. It felt a little bit video gameish but I honestly don't care. If you actually filmed someone being punched around the skyline, it wouldn't look real anyway.

I could narrow it down but the entire cast blew my mind. I was uneasy at first about some of the choices (Amy Adams and Russel Crowe to be specific (they ended up being of my favorites)) but all of them just nailed it. Just wonderfully.

The plot is away from the regular origin story but if anything it feels like one of the many alternate universes that DC has so that works too. New things can be refreshing. Goyer and Nolan are my new favorite writing team.

Also basically no comedy and a ton of collateral damage. Heads up. It's one of those real types of movies.

Hans Zimmer got better again, by the way. I'm actually currently listening to the soundtrack. It is stunning, gorgeous, and a perfect fit for the Man of Steel.

Everyone else making the film should win everything. Basically.

So yeah. It's another Super Perfect and it won't go away even though I did just get back from seeing the movie about 3 hours ago (for the second time. The first time was yesterday at the 12:25 am showing also. First time I've seen the same movie twice in two nights. Also IMAX 3D is gorgeous for this movie) I know that this high isn't gonna go away. This movie was spectacular and I hope you enjoy it somewhere near as much as I did because I believe that Superman is a fantastic character and could always use more fans.

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