Friday, May 24, 2013

Iron Man 3 (2013)

Rating: 3!

Iron Man 3 was really good. I was happy to see Marvel back on the big screen and this is definitely the best Iron Man to date although it ties the first one in ratings for me because the downsides are too noticable. But I can sum this movie up in bullet points.

Good Parts:
  • Felt like I was watching a comic book. They got actual problems across especially the traumas that are focused on.
  • Pepper was a badass. Finally. This was so wonderful to see Paltrow being awesome. She's always had the wit but it was nice to see her as more of an active role.
  • Guy Pearce makes any movie better. I will defend this with my life. His ability to portray basically any character type makes him such a good bad guy.
Bad Parts:
  • It felt like I was watching a slightly tweaked Dark Knight Rises. The pacing felt very similar.
  • Mandarin = Bane. Very key differences but the setup was similar.
  • Tony's house being destroyed = Bruce's time in the pit.
  • Clean Slate...
  • Pepper = Selina
  • Harley = John Blake
I think that something the Iron Man movies are lacking is a villain that you can actually fear. Things go bad but not really too bad. The villains in Iron Man seem like very good obstacles that Tony runs into that will improve who he is. And they are all related to him in some way. There isn't just a random villain that would come in and mess things up. Killian was like that mostly but it was still partially due to Tony's poor character in the past.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. It's fun to watch and I'd definitely hope that people will see it. I was just sad by the story line that I've seen before and the lack of a thrilling villain.

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