Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm back and Star Trek Into Darkness!

I'm back. I saw this blog after I saw the amazingness that was Star Trek and wanted to be back. I'll be doing both blogs if I can but sometimes I just really wanna say what I think about a movie. Especially when I believe that it deserves praise. So I'll do what I can. I may do an Iron Man 3 review after I come down from my Star Trek high.

Also I have a third blog running now where every so often I leave a sentence or few about positive or good things. Sometimes my own thoughts and sometimes quotes. It helps fight my depression and I hope that it makes others feel good or just leaves a smile. Something small to help people where I can:

The Daily Positivity

Glad to be back and I hope that my reviews are enjoyable. I am also going to go back through my reviews and revote them. I tend to enjoy everything I see but I'm aware that giving too many perfects out diminishes others. For instance, I gave the Avengers a perfect score but I enjoyed Iron Man 3 better. But Iron Man 3 still wasn't as good as Into Darkness (for me <- this is important). So I will leave the original score in red and put the revamped one in green. I will do this periodically for everything I update so this way you can see what I thought of it when it first came out or when I first saw it and when I go back and reflect on it. It'll help show how your ideals of movies can change over time. So that might be cool. Let me know if this is liked or not.

I updated a few of them so feel free to head back and check them out. Even knocked a couple from the perfect list.

So yeah..

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