Saturday, May 18, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Rating: 5!

I'm back and I've decided to keep running with this blog. To warp back into things, Star Trek Into Darkness is the second of my ultra-perfect ratings.

First things first: I have extreme bias for Star Trek and although no review is fully without it, mine may seep through. I've always loved Star Trek and the ideals for a better future that Roddenberry had believed in.

That being said, I absolutely loved this movie. It was well worth the 4 year wait but definitely a blast seeing it at the opening Imax showing Wednesday night. I was on edge and even threw my hands up in joy at one point. I know, I'm a bit crazy.

Benedict Cumberbatch was a fantastic addition to the alternate universe and gave me so many chills. His voice was wonderful and I highly doubt that I'll be able to see him as Sherlock again.

The returning cast was stunning and further solidified their ability to not only portray the roles of the classic Enterprise but have taken the alternate lives into their hands and have created something wonderful.

The plot felt like the original Star Trek movies. Almost like a blend of II and VI. Just gripping and I didn't encounter any slow parts; nothing stood out as awkward pacing. A nice solid run that didn't end. It just kept going and kept giving.

The graphics made me fangirl all over, especially with the Enterprise. Michael Giacchino didn't drop the ball and I look forward to getting the soundtrack as soon as it comes out. Not for another 10 days which surprised me but hey, the movie is out.

I'm seeing it again in Imax in roughly 11 hours, so I'll add anything else that notice but overall Star Trek Into Darkness is quite possibly my favorite movie, surpassing Prometheus.

If you have any desire whatsoever to see this movie, see it in Imax. The 3D was perfect and I actually loved it. I don't usually enjoy the 3D or I just don't notice it but I enjoyed what was done with it (every time the Enterprise jumping into warp, I died of happiness).

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