Monday, April 21, 2014

The Lego Movie (2014)

Similar: Phineas and Ferb

Rating: 4!


Not kidding, actually. The Lego Movie did something that it really didn't need to and made it well.

Anyone can watch this movie and it's extremely important that they can. The movie explores the ideas of creativity and does a great job of getting across that even if you believe that you aren't a creative person, it's still important that you use your imagination. Imagination is one of the best things about being human and sometimes that gets pushed to the back. Lego has always been big on making sure that being creative is important and I am so happy that they didn't just waste this movie.

If you're apprehensive because of Lego's other shows, it's understandable. The Lego tv shows and games do feel like they are aimed at a younger audience (which is perfectly fine), but there isn't anything wrong about an adult enjoying Legos. This movie is kinda like Phineas and Ferb in this regard. There are plenty of older jokes and the movie does speak to parents as well (this part of the movie literally made me tear up).

So don't worry! The animation is gorgeous and the voices are perfect. There are plenty of characters to love (mine is Unikitty) and the music is ridiculously catchy.

The Lego Movie does end up showing their complete lack of female characters in the minifigure universe, which is disappointing. While the main cast created for this movie are somewhat diverse, the rest of the non-generic characters are pretty much all guys. I point this criticism more at the Lego brand but I do wish that the movie would have done a little more.

If you've heard that this movie is better than you've expected to hear, that's pretty much because it is. It surprised me and it may surprise you. It looks like it's out of some theaters and there isn't a release date that I can find for the DVD, so check it out when you can!

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