Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby Leaf/Honeymoon Salad


Similar: Koibana Onsen
Baby Leaf: 7 chapters
Honeymoon Salad: 40 chapters

Manga Rating: 3!

Baby Leaf is the prequel story to Honeymoon Salad. I didn't find out about it until afterwords and it gave some insight into the story that you didn't get otherwise. I'm not sure if it was intended to be read first or not but reading Honeymoon first left some nice untold backstory. So no advice on whether to read it first or after.

Honeymoon Salad was a surprising find. I assumed that it would just be a manga involving a threesome where I would lose interest but what kept me was the characters. Natsukawa Minori finds himself living with two women, both with the surname Saito, one is his ex-girlfriend from middle school, the other is a new friend that quickly becomes something more.

This one does have nudity and softcore sex scenes so heads up there. But what I liked was the psychological dependence these three had with each other. The story is much, much more than the sexual escapades of three people under one roof and the author even explains this at the end of the series. I'll let you read this for yourself:

The author uses this situation to explore the human mind and what it needs to be stable and the idea that only having monogamy may be too strict. Personally, I enjoy having one partner in my life and she has everything else that I need that I don't have within me. But what happens when you have people that need more than one person. Or when a person wants their person's happiness to come from others as well. The human mind is a broad thing and it becomes extremely narrowed down in the media, especially when it comes to romance. Everyone doesn't necessarily need the same things in life. I was really impressed with how much the author dove into these character's mentalities and I doubt I'll find another manga like this.

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