Friday, May 2, 2014

Life is Money

Similar: Torikago no Tsugai, anything with people trapped in a game.
Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological, Romance.
Length: 15 chapters ~ Completed

Manga Rating: 4!

Disclaimer: Violent and psychologically disturbing.

Best part about this manga: it's short. It messes with your nerves something awful but it doesn't drag anything out.

Life Is Money features 10 contestants tricked into participating in the Nightmare Game. For 10 days, the players are held prisoner. They must roll a die once per day that may deprive them of a sense and they wear a tracker that monitors the body. If the body's levels of anxiety, fear, etc. go over a certain limit, the player dies. No violence is allowed. The goal? At the end of the 10 days, everyone gets released with 50 million yen. However, if a player dies, their money gets split between the remaining players. Oh, and if more than 5 people go, so does everyone else.

The style of the art and the length of the manga drew me in. The style is fairly unique which is always a plus:

The range of expressions that psychological mangakas can produce always astound me and this manga is definitely one of them.

A pleasant example of the main character losing it (this one isn't literal, lots of imagery- I know that some manga could actually be like this):

Since it's a game manga and since it's so short, Life Is Money is another one that's hard to talk very much about without giving anything away. I will say that I had to read this as soon as possible because I needed to know what happened. I actually had class as I got to the last chapter and I was nervous for the entire hour to find out how this one ended. Definitely gripping and one that I doubt I'll ever forget.

All pics from mangareader, except the cover pic which is from mangahere.

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