Saturday, May 31, 2014

Torikago no Tsugai

Similar: Life Is Money, Cage of Eden
Ongoing: Once a month.
12 chapters
Bechdel Test: Pass - Barely

Rating: 3!

6 friends find themselves trapped in a old amusement park castle looking for a missing classmate. They have to move forward through the castle while choosing different paths to travel. But if they try to go backward, the bolt attached to their collars will stop them cold.

Torikago no Tsugai is pretty intense. The beginning is really fast paced and unnerving but has slowed down since. Life and Death game plots are always really interesting and TnT gives it a pretty different feel. While the characters are trying to survive, they are also trying to figure out where their friend is and who the masked captor could be. There is a pretty good balance between external conflict and internal drama, the cast is a nice range of personality types that cause plenty of friction when placed under this unique kind of stress.

A downside is that since it comes out once a month, it can be easy to stay interested. The quality is great and needs once-a-month releases but that might also make this a series to read once it's completed. For suspense stories like this, it's usually almost better to read them in one sitting so the mood isn't broken.

The art isn't very unique but the artist does do well with grabbing emotion (a must in psychological suspense).

Torikago no Tsugai isn't extraordinary but it's far from uninteresting. If you like Life or Death game plots then this one is worth a look.

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