Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 4 - Day 4 - Favorite Main Female Character in No Order

Inoue Orihime - BLEACH

Orihime is one of the best in BLEACH and a very well written character that we get to see very little of. BLEACH is a shounen battle manga so it's pretty much to be expected, which is really unfortunate considering she has had some of the most character development in the show.

She's a dork and we get that right off the bat and it stays throughout the show. She loves to eat and make jokes. She's a normal person and this is so important.



She has endured a lot of physical and psychological trauma; Her brother's coming back as a hollow and almost killing her plus Aizen capturing her and the abuse at the hands of the Arrancar. And you can see it. The animation changing helps but Orihime starts off with a good deal of hardships in her life that only get worse. But she stays incredibly positive. Her love for Ichigo and her love for her friends keep her going but has such an incredible amount of inner strength that she voluntarily goes with the Arrancar, most likely knowing what will happen to her, just to save the ones that she cares about.

The reader gets exposed to her interests more and more over the course of the show. She wishes that she could have 5 lives to do everything she wanted. Her wanting to be with him for all 5 lives only adds to her character. She doesn't have to be with him to be able to live. Ichigo is only a part of her life which is a nice break from a considerable amount of female characters in anime.

She tends to love everyone and want to wish pain on anyone. She likes helping. She's said that she wants to be a comedian. She wants to make people happy.

Orihime is the healer. She is the one in the battle manga/anime that doesn't want to fight. Not because she can't. Because she doesn't want to hurt others. And that makes her one of the strongest characters in the show.

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