Friday, June 6, 2014

Houkago Play

Similar: Quick Start!!
Disclaimer Tag: Mature Content
Reads from Left to Right

Rating: 3!

So this one is pretty interesting. Houkago Play features multiple pairings of characters that enjoy gaming and is super slice of life. It's a 4-koma so the pacing is pretty quick while being laid back. Also, none of the characters are actually named. Usually there are only two people interacting so it's really easy to not even notice until you really think about it or try to tell someone about the story.

It's featured in a Playstation magazine so the brand is featured throughout the series although later the characters play an rpg.

This one stands out for a few reasons. It is fairly sexual but sets it up in a natural way. Since most of the story is just conversational, the sexual situations are simply a part of their lives. They arise out of sexual conversation, a gradual overflow of emotion, or a sudden burst of desire. Like how actual people work. Unfortunately, since this is present, the fanbase tends to focus on these scenes, making internet searches heavily one-sided. For instance, this is one of the pictures that pops up on a tumblr search:

Even though this happens, it's nice to have a series that focuses so much on normal life, especially one that is focused on gaming. With the third pairing, it even dives into some heavy topics about sexual abuse, guilt and guilting, and obsession.

The artwork is also extremely unique. It plays around with proportions and expressions while taking advantage of a simpler style. The artist focuses more on the characters than anything else, adding to the expressions and the sometimes mundane-ness of life.

This is definitely not a series for everyone but if you like stories about people and personal interactions then I'd suggest this one for you.

Also, be careful gamers:

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