Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 1 - Day 1 - Very First Anime You Watched

This week’s theme is Dragon Ball Z!!
This show, though. My dad loves this show. He even quotes it randomly.
I wasn’t actually supposed to watch this. My mom didn’t want me to. I needed to stay at latchkey after school since my parents couldn’t pick me up right away - this would’ve been 5th grade in 1999 - and we ended up watching Toonami. I slowly got my dad into it so my mom could give in but she loves this show now.
It was pretty much the ‘guy’ thing to watch with Sailor Moon being for the girls. Of course now I know how stupid that is and my girlfriend and I are very much looking forward to the new Sailor Moon anime this summer. But this show was so wicked. I’m pretty sure that I went as Goku for Halloween one year.
Wednesday, I’ll do my favorite character from DBZ!

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