Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week 1 - Day 2 - First anime ever watched

Favorite character - Future Trunks

This one is hard for me since they are all fairly stagnant. While I do love DBZ, there really isn't all that much character development in the show. You do have Vegeta and Piccolo but they just kinda switched sides. They're still violent and they never really had to pay for all the damage they did do.

My fav from DBZ would be Future Trunks. He saw some shit. He had a hell of a life and he did everything he could to stop everything from going wrong.

I mean look at the dude:

He goes super saiyan the same way goku did

He uses a sword and has some pretty badass hair

By far one of the most wicked and traumatized characters of the series and that is saying quite a bit coming from DBZ.

My second favorite would be Gohan but his post-Cell character kinda kills it for me.

Favorite fight from DBZ will be Friday's post.

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